J. Justin Young - John Tanner

The two principals have over 30 years of combined experience and have helped countless agents to achieve the best version of themselves.

This extraordinary partnership allows new recruits, rookie agents, and seasoned veterans direct access to the exact platform that was developed by the founding members over years of working in their communities and providing seniors the financial instrument necessary to meet the monetary obligations associated with the passing of a loved one.


What our agents say about ARG?

"Thirteen years ago I joined the financial services industry in hopes of a better future. With little training and even less support, I consistently struggled to make ends meet. In 2010 I started my own agency thinking that even though I had little training, I would eventually find my own way. Two years later I was frustrated, broke and filing for bankruptcy.  I left the industry behind, swearing to never again subject myself to the emotional ups and downs of the business. I found employment elsewhere and although I am extremely grateful for the position I held, it did little to gain me the success I desired. In 2015 I decided to try again and searched for a way to be different than before. I came to Paramount expecting the same experience as in the past. However, I was completely wrong. The mentorship and support that I received was unlike anything I had experienced before. The constant encouragement and daily communication with leaders in the final expense industry helped propel me amongst the top producers in the business. Because of this training and support I have been able to build a successful team of agents. This company has truly changed my life with its unwavering dedication to helping others be successful".